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crossbibleDespite achievement and praise, you still feel worthless and empty, and that you have nothing to give, no direction in life...

Questions will be answered for those who wants to be a part of the Christian faith.

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Fr. SurainFr. Surain Durai Raj is the current Parish Priest of Jesus Caritas.

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JCC Mission 2011

To All Members of the Parish Coordinating Council Apr-2014


Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 April 2014 06:05 JCC Administrator - Wednesday, 02 April 2014

Archdiocese Theme for the Month: Discipleship - "Called to New Life"

  • Focus: Jesus call us so that we can experience the newness of life that only He can offer. "I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full" (John 10:10). Being a disciple means allowing ourselves to be renewed by the Holy Spirit and it is only the Holy Spirit that can renew our heart, our life, and make us live differently. The new life offered by Jesus Christ is founded on love.
  • Scripture reading: John 3: 1-7


As we continue our Lenten journey in faith with our Lord Jesus Christ in His passion embracing the theme "Touching the Wounds of Christ" let us focus on renewing ourselves and our ministries to "New Life" as we await His Glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday.


Catechumens will be going for a retreat to Malacca from 4th April to 6th April in preparation for their Sacrament Baptism at the Vigil Mass at Easter. Following their baptism into the Catholic Faith, the newly baptized will then follow up with an activity called "Faith in Action".


  • Visit to Myanmar Refugee School: Sunday, 6th April
  • Blood Donation Drive: Sunday 13th April from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm at our Church.


15th National BK Postal Quiz: Sunday 6th April for Catechism students in Forms 1-5. Certificates will be awarded by the M’sian Christian Schools Council to those who pass.

  • Confirmation: Team Meeting on Tuesday 8th April at 8.00 pm at conference room for JCC English & Mandarin, Kristus Aman and Liturgy Head.
  • First Holy Communion: For "Special Class of 2013" will be on Easter Sunday, 20th April at 9.15 am.
  • Baptism: Sunday, 21st April for children who were not baptized during their infancy.


Joint Way of the Cross: With Mandarin speaking youths on Sat. 12th April at 5.00 pm along car park area.7 Steps Bible Sharing: Monday 14th April at 8.00 pm.


  • Way of the Cross continues at BEC level.
  • Holy Thursday Vigil: The final hour vigil (11.00 pm to 12.00 mid-night) will be animated by the BECCOT.


On Monday, 28th April at JCC Conference Room at 8.00 pm. All ministry heads must be present for the meeting. Those who are unable to attend must send an assistant to represent them as all ministries are expected to be represented.

Written reports from all ministries for the first quarter are to be presented at this meeting. A copy may be e-mailed to our Secretary, Maria at jccmatters@hotmail.com

Yours in Christ

Justin Gomez


Holy Week Mass 2014


Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 April 2014 05:43 JCC Administrator - Wednesday, 02 April 2014

12-Apr-2014  Saturday

  • 07:30pm  Mass, Jesus Caritas
  • 05:30pm  Mass English, Kristus Aman

13-Apr-2014  Palm Sunday

  • 09:15am  Mass English, Jesus Caritas
  • 11:15am  Mass Mandarin, Jesus Caritas
  • 07:30am  Mass English, Kristus Aman

17-Apr-2014  Holy Thursday

  • 08:00pm  Mass Mandarin Jesus Caritas
  • 08:00pm  Mass English, Kristus Aman

18-Apr-2014  Good Friday

  • 02:00pm  Station of the Cross English, Jesus Caritas
  • 03:00pm  Service, Jesus Caritas
  • 07:15pm  Station of the Cross Mandarin, Jesus Caritas
  • 08:00pm  Service, Jesus Caritas
  • 07:30pm  Station of the Cross English, Kristus Aman
  • 08:00pm  Service, Kristus Aman

19-Apr-2014  Holy Saturday

  • 10:00pm  Mass Bilingual, Jesus Caritas
  • 10:00pm  Mass English, Kristus Aman

20-Apr-2014  Easter Sunday

  • 09:15am  Mass English, Jesus Caritas
  • 11:15am  Mass Mandarin, Jesus Caritas
  • 04:00pm  Solemn Vesperse Bilingual, Jesus Caritas
  • 10:00am  Mass English, Kristus Aman



News and Events W11- 2014


Last Updated on Sunday, 16 March 2014 01:16 JCC Administrator - Sunday, 16 March 2014

OUR PIHDM MEMBERS FROM THE JESUS CARITAS CHINESE COMMUNITY are animating a visit to the Orang Asli Kampung at Bidor, Perak. The details are as follows:

  • Date: 22-Mar-2014 at 7:30am departure
  • Fee: RM20.00 per person (inclusive of transport and lunch)

There will be mass at the Chapel of Ibunda Maria, Kg Chang, Bidor in Bahasa Malaysia. All are welcome to join in.


Inviting young people to join us in our Bible Sharing/Youth Gathering

  • Date:  24-Mar-2014    Time:  8:00pm   Venue: JCC Conference Room

In the season of Lent the youths together with the mandarin youths will be having Way of the Cross for our young people

  • Date:  29-Mar-2014   Time:  5:00 to 6:00pm    Venue: JCC Car Park

For more information kindly contact: Diana @ 012-6535038 or Lorette @ 017-3906713

ALTAR SERVERS training will be held on 29-Mar-2014 at 8:00am


We would like to update the existing list of our parishioners who are home bound. This is so that the fathers can come by to visit them during Lent, to hear confession and anoint them. Please call the Jesus Caritas or Kristus Aman office respectively to update the details of our homebound parishioners by the 31 March 2014.  These dates are allocated for visiting the homebound:

  • 03 & 04 Apr-2014 Kristus Aman, TTDI
  • 10 & 11 Apr-2014 Jesus Caritas, Kepong

15TH NATIONAL BIBLE KNOWLEDGE POSTAL QUIZ will be held on Sunday, 6-Apr-2014 for Catechism Students in Form 1 to Form 5 during the Mandarin and English Catechism.  The Quiz Text is:

  • Genesis Chapters 37, 39, 40 and 41 - Story of Joseph
  • Luke Chapters 1 to 8 - Jesus, Early Life and Ministry

Students who pass with 40% and above will be awarded the Malaysian Christian Schools Council Certificate.


  • Date:  13-Apr-2014 from 9:00am to 2:00pm
  • Venue: Jesus Caritas, Kepong

The campaign will be done by the National Blood Bank, KL. We encourage donors who are Malaysians to bring along your NRIC. For those who are non-Malaysians who have resided in Malaysia for a year or more, you are requested to bring along your passport.

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION will be celebrated on:

  • Date: 4-May-2014   Time:  9:15am Venue:  Jesus Caritas, Kepong     
  • Presider: Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam.  

The dates for the rehearsal will be notified later.


Penitential Services 2014


Last Updated on Sunday, 16 March 2014 01:01 JCC Administrator - Saturday, 22 February 2014

Penitential Services Lent 2014

  • 10-Mar-2014   8:00pm  Good Shepard, Setapak
  • 11-Mar-2014   6:45pm  St. Anthony, Kuala Lumpur
  • 11-Mar-2014   8:00pm  Kristus Cahaya, Desa Jaya
  • 12-Mar-2014   7:30pm  St. Thomas Moore, Subang Jaya
  • 13-Mar-2014   7:30pm  St. Joseph, Sentul
  • 13-Mar-2014   8:00pm  St. Anne, Port Klang
  • 17-Mar-2014   7:00pm  Divine Mercy (Shah Alam)
  • 19-Mar-2014   8:00pm  Holy Redeemer, Klang
  • 20-Mar-2014   7:30pm  St. Ignatius, PJ
  • 20-Mar-2014   8:00pm  Kristus Aman, TTDI
  • 24-Mar-2014   7:30pm  SFX, PJ
  • 02-Apr-2014   8:00pm Jesus Caritas, Kepong

To All Members of the Parish Coordinating Council Mar-2014


Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 April 2014 06:06 Justin Gomez - Wednesday, 05 March 2014

Archdiocese Theme for March 2014 - "Called to Intimacy"

Scripture reading for reflection: Jn 10:14-15, 27-28 (The Good Shepherd)

Focus: God calls us so that we can enter into a personal relationship with Him


The season of Lent has just begun with the Celebration of Ash Wednesday today. The theme for this year is “Touching the Wounds of Christ”. As stated in the campaign booklet given out to BEC leaders, the wounds of Christ represent the heavy price paid by Jesus to ensure our salvation. By extension, these wounds symbolize the deficiencies, inadequacies and shortcomings in our lives that we need to actively address and renew during this season of Lent. Please get a copy from your BEC leader and share with your respective ministries on how you plan to make this year’s season of Lent more meaningful in preparing ourselves to develop a more intimate relationship with Our Lord Jesus – This Lent let us begin to touch the wounds of Christ. 

Environmental Talk on Recycling our Home Waste

Organized by the PIHD, this talk is to be held on Saturday 15th March at the Mezz. floor from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. Speakers are Don and Myleen Theseira from St. Anne’s Church, Bukit Mertajam. Please encourage your members to register and attend this truly beneficial talk aimed at protecting our environment. Refreshment and lunch will be provided. Parishioners from neighboring parishes will also be attending. Please register early.  

Visit to Orang Asli Kampong, Bidor, Perak

The PIHD of the Chinese Apostolate as part of their Lenten Campaign is organizing the above day trip on Saturday 22nd March. The cost is RM20.00 p.p. inclusive of transport and lunch. The bus leaves JCC at 7.30 am and returns after lunch. There will be a Mass celebrated in B.M. at the Chapel of Ibunda Maria, Kg. Chang, Bidor. It will be an experience to meet and talk with our Orang Asli brothers and sisters and see the conditions in which they live. Those interested may register with the Church Office @ 03-6274 4071.

Marriage Con-validation for RCIA Catechumens

A one day marriage course for RCIA candidates who are already married will take place on 22nd March from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm at the RCIA Room on the 3rd Floor. This specially designed and customized course will be facilitated by Richard Ganesh. The objective of this course is for catechumens to know and appreciate the values of Catholic Marriages. The marriages of the married catechumens will then be con-validated and a marriage certificate issued by the Church. This is the first time that such a course is being organized in our Church. 

Lenten Campaign

BEC leaders are to be guided by the briefing provided by Augustine Chua at Genting and work within their respective BECs/ZONES. The Chinese Apostolate has also welcomed the English speaking BECs to join them where possible in projects that they will be undertaking. List provided to BECCOT Chairman, Joseph Soosai. Contact person for Chinese Apostolate - Peter Foo @019-2295945. 

BECCOT Retreat 28th Feb to 2nd Mar

36 BEC leaders returned on 2nd March from Dominic Villa in Genting Highlands after a successful retreat facilitated by Richard Ganesh. Energized and excited they are ready to implement what they have learnt to transform the BECs of our Parish into WORD Centered Communities as BEC is about having an encounter with Jesus. Question for reflection - "What is God Calling Me To?" It is only after examining this question can we begin to make a difference. The theme for the retreat was "CALLED, CHOSEN, SENT".

May God Bless us all as we continue our journey in His vineyard responding to His call to intimacy. 


Ash Wednesday Mass 5-Mar-2014


JCC Administrator - Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ash Wednesday Mass 5-Mar-2014

  • 6:30am  Mass in English  at Jesus Caritas
  • 8:00pm  Mass in English/Mandarin at Jesus Caritas
  • 8:00pm  Mass in English at Kristus Aman

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On A Wing and a Prayer

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I never thought I could feel so free
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SPM Bible Knowledge

SPM-ActsBible Knowledge on the Gospel of St. Luke and the Acts of the Apostles is taught in Jesus Caritas Chruch.

Students in Form 4 and Form 5 who have opted to take the SPM Bible Knowledge paper are prepared for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Examination in November each year.