A Brief History of the Church

Church of JESUS CARITAS, Kepong (1975)

Inspired by St. Paul the model missionary, Fr. Pierre Decroocq, MEP was creating centres and entrusted them to trained leaders.  He proceeded further in the locality of Kepong which covered a big area from Kepong Lama to Kepong Garden and even Jalan Damansara. The first attempt opening a centre there, was made in 1969, when a new housing scheme started in Ong Bahru district. A number of Catholic families gathered for worship and meeting in a corner shop house. Later a community centre was set up with tuition, tailoring classes and a nursery.  This centre functioned for five years until a piece of land was donated to Fr. Decroocq by a Chinese developer.


The new church-community centre was built on that ideal location and the new church dedicated to JESUS CARITAS was blessed by the Archbishop Dominic Vendargon in April 1975. A Parish Pastoral Council was formed for the services of both the Christian community and the community at large. Lay leaders were then attending a training course for the Lay Ministries in the Christian community such as ministries to the sick and the poor, the drug addicts, students and their education; and working youth, BCC’s and Marriage Encounter, mass media and ecumenism. Finally some were trained to conduct the Liturgy in the absence of a priest. In the Community Centre, people of different faith could also attend classes, especially for slow learners, or tailoring classes and a kindergarten. Even a Music Hall provided facilities for youths with indoor games such as billiards, badminton and Taekwando.

Fr. Decrooq also became famous for the praying sessions he conducted every Friday with a group of volunteers for those who felt the need to be “prayed over” for their physical, mental and spiritual well being and recovery. Fr. Pierre Decroocq was the first parish priest of “Jesus Caritas” parish from its foundation in 1975 till the year 1985, when his heart could no longer sustain the rapid pace of such active life.


Then several visiting priests also served in the new parish such as Fr. Simon Tang, Fr. Anthony Thomas, Fr. A. Ponnudurai, SJ, Fr. Paul Tan Chee Ing, SJ and others. In the 1990’s Fr. Benedict Savarimuthu became the parish priest of Jesus Caritas and also served other churches and chapels with Fr. Philip So, Fr. Eugene Benedict and Leonard Lexson to assist him. Then in 2000, Fr. Joachim Tan became the Parish Priest followed by the incumbent Fr. Mitchel.

Father Pierre Peter DeCroocq

Father Pierre Peter DeCroocq was born in northern France in 1922 and was ordained in Paris in March 1947.  He was sent to the Kunming Province in China in 1949 where he served at the Church of the Immaculate Conception for three years.

He came to Malaysia in 1952 and served for two years at the St. Joseph’s Church in Sentul and seven years at the Holy Rosary Church in Brickfields as an assistant parish priest.

He also served for four years as national chaplain of the Young Christian Workers Movement before being appointed parish priest of St. Joseph’s Church in Sentul in 1966.  He then took over as parish priest of the Church of the Risen Christ in Jalan Ipoh in 1968 and served for seven years before taking over the Jesus Caritas parish Kepong in 1975.

He helped setup 5 churches in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Pahang and was in charge of six parishes before his death in 1985 at the age of 63.


Our Vision

  • To be rooted in the Community of Trinity and among ourselves
  • To be in solidarity with the whole human family and creation

This vision leads us to live out our vocation at the service of the Kingdom of God.


Our Mission

  • To Witness to Christ through Basic Ecclesial Communities and transform our Parishes into a “Communion of Communities”
  • To Proclaim the Kingdom of God through Dialogue with cultures, religions, and the poor. For us this means journeying together towards “New Way of being Church”
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